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Just knowing will not change anything! But we cannot take action without knowing!
We will introduce hunger and related global problems in each issue.


13 Sep. 2011

Nutrition, protecting the lives and the future of children.
-Children’s hunger-

How Japan’s food is dependent on invisible “water” imports

Every year 8.8 million children around the world die before their fifth birthday. Over one third of these deaths are caused by malnutrition and related causes. Why does malnutrition occur? There’s a tendency to think it’s because food is unattainable but this is not the only reason.

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  • Children dying of hunger
    …1 every 12 seconds
  • Those suffering from chronic malnutritiont
    …868 million

Promises of the international leaders. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs.)

MDGs is based on the United Nations Millennium Declaration which was adopted by 189 signatory countries. It sets eight goals to be achieved by the year 2015, such as halving the proportion of people who suffer from hunger.

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