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For both children and adults, education is the key to develope communities and save lives

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Women learning to read and write
Women learning to read and write

For children and adults alike, education can spur community development and has the power to save lives. The Republic of Benin is located along the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. The port of Cotonou, the country’s largest city, serves as a center for distribution inland. Despite a dark history owing to the slave trade, Benin is now considered a model for democratization in Africa. The groundwork for community development lies with the people’s determination for democracy and cooperation spirit to try to make a better life for all.

HFW established an affiliate office in Benin in 2007. Currently work is limited to only one village but our projects are already producing results in areas of promoting literacy classes and early childhood education.

The key to regional development

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Class in a kindergarten

In 2004, full-scale activity has started in Benin. Currently HFW works in the village of Gbeto, southern part of Benin, relatively close to the business center, Cotonou. The main activities are the provision of education and health service facilities that serve as basis for people’s lives. Especially, education is the foundation for everything. We start......

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Before Ongoing

List of projects:  Benin (2016,2017)

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Latest Updates

Benin Staff

Benin Office Staff

Five staff members support the HFW activities. They get much help from local residents and specialists.


Benin Office

B.P.01-5000 Cotonou, Benin
TEL: +229-33-5517
FAX: +229-33-1427