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Leadership training(YEH)

Period:  2015 -     Area:  Gbeto Nutrition

YEH commenced vegetable farming to facilitate the understanding of Right to Food.

A female representative of the residents showing appreciation to Ambassador Bamba
YEH members work together to grow vegetables.

12 Jan. 2017

The gardening project was launched as a part of YEH activities to place more emphasis on the field, which directly relates to the achievement on Right to Food. In FY 2014, tomatoes and cassava were planted. After the harvest, vegetables will be sold to secure the funding for the independent management of the project.

Experts were invited as the panel at the National Conference, and the audience has learned the issues on the themes such as “Challenges to food security”, “Why engaging youth in Agriculture is needed?” and "Can Agricultural Entrepreneurship find the way to promote a future youth employment and drive poverty reduction?"

Through this activity, YEH will promote understanding of Right to Food and an importance of agriculture not only by YEH themselves but also by the local residents around the office in Abomey-Calavi city, and in Gbeto village as the area of activities.


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Five staff members support the HFW activities. They get much help from local residents and specialists.


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