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Period:  Oct. 2013 -      Area:  Koubri 

Promoted eco-friendly energy saving stoves


 A look at the physical examinations in 2009. Nurses visit and identify malnourished children. At the time, one out of three suffered from it.
 To build from natural materials such as small stones and grain stalks
People who are getting rid of the hunger

5 July.2017

Since windows, that most of the households of the activity area are using, are not thermal efficient, there is also a need for a lot of firewood. Women are spending a lot of time gathering firewood. They are cutting trees and as a result they are taking part in the deforestation. Thats why we need to install improved windows more thermal efficient. The improved windows whose roots are found in the prefecture of Iwate, are built from natural materials and compared to windows that was used until now, they can restrain 40% of the use of firewood. We have trained 40 village women in building those kind of windows. Women, who took part in the training, have also taught other women of their village about those improved windows. A lot of households are currently using those improved windows.


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Three male members are working hard, led by the country director who assumed the post in 2008. They are also working together with local and Japanese NGOs.


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