About Us

Hunger Free World(HFW) is an international NGO working to build a world free of hunger.

The objective of HFW is to create a world free of hunger.
Being able to access adequate food in order to sustain a healthy body and mind is the most fundamental human right. HFW aims to make this “Right to Food” a reality for all.


Eat, Live and Create a Better Future

One out of eight persons in the world is suffering from “chronic malnutrition”, i.e., “hunger”, even though there is sufficient food in the world. Hunger Free World (HFW) is a NGO for international cooperation that works to create a better world by changing the environment related to the “eating” of the people in hunger and fostering their “living” power.

A World Free from Hunger

Empower the people and the communities to realize their right to food.

Inclusion, Solidarity, Integrity, Innovation

Activities of Hunger Free World

Out of its headquarters in Japan, it organizes field work in Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, and Uganda. It is an authorized NPO (nonprofit organization) that is independent of any ideology, religion, or political affiliation.

HFW’s financial resources and the use of money

HFW’s activities are supported by membership fees, donations, and grants. Funds are used to support self-reliance of the people in developing countries who are suffering from hunger. The funds are also used for awareness raising activities to have people understand more on hunger and poverty situations and international cooperation as well as management costs.

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