The HFW Long-term Vision

(What HFW strives to be by the end of FY2030)
The issues surrounding the Right to Food become even more diversified and intensified. However, HFW aims at
a condition where model cases in the community development field that could respond to, solve the diversified, intensified issues surrounding Right to Food and areas that have become self-sufficient are created in HFZ, in order to end hunger from the world.

The HFW Mid-term Policy (2016-2020)

HFW aims at achieving the below conditions in order to realize HFW’s long-term vision.
A condition where preparation to implement community development and advocacy activities that can lead to “meaningful solutions” during FY2021 and FY2030 are completed.

Mid-term Target

Community Development

Among the 4 affiliate offices, in one or more HFZ, realisation of Right to Food is in sight. Moreover, other HFZs are approaching towards realisation of Right to Food.


n all the HFW working countries, policies/legislations are adopted, or under moves, which would effectively realize Right to Food, or contribute to direct/indirect realisation of Right to Food.

Awareness Raising

Many people become aware of Right to Food, and people who take action towards the end of hunger are increased.

Youth Development

Youths contribute to the realisation of Right to Food.

Organisational Management

Become an organization who are trusted from the society and conducts activity that are high quality and stable. Create a strategy regarding high-level collaboration between community residents and local government as mentioned in HFW’s long-term vision for FY2030.