Privacy Policy

Specified Nonprofit Corporation HUNGER FREE WORLD (“HFW”), hereby declares that it acknowledges the importance of personal data, and that it will make public and abide by this Policy Concerning Personal Data Protection in order to thoroughly protect that data.

1. Purposes of Personal Data Collection

HFW may collect personal data for the purposes of improving both the quality and quantity of its activities, making its activities recognized by more people, and providing more solid information to the members. HFW shall adopt appropriate and just measures to collect personal data.

2. Use and Provision of Personal Data

The use and provision of personal data collected by HFW shall be limited to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of such collection. In principle, when HFW uses or provides any such personal data beyond the extent necessary for the purposes of the collection, HFW shall do so only after having the subject of the data understand such use or provision (for example, by obtaining the consent of the data subject, or giving the data subject an opportunity to expressly reject such use or provision). However it is further provided that HFW may nonetheless use or provide any such personal data without obtaining the consent of the data subject if required pursuant to any provision of law or order, or if necessary to protect material interests, including without limitation the life, health, or property of the data subject and/or the public.

3. Maintenance, Control and Protection of Personal Data

HFW shall maintain personal data in a correct and updated condition to the extent necessary, depending on the purposes of the use of personal data. In order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, modification or divulgence of the personal data controlled by HFW and to control the personal data appropriately, HFW shall take necessary steps, including without limitation the establishment of a control system within the office such as the stipulating and administration of a security policy and various security standards along with thorough education of the office staff. Furthermore, HFW shall cause each and every office staff member to declare adherence to this Policy, and shall inflict penalties on any staff member who contravenes it.

4. Disclosure and Correction of Personal Data

Upon request by a data subject for the disclosure of personal data relating to the subject, HFW shall, in principle, disclose the data within a reasonable time frame. Furthermore, in case a data subject makes an application for correction, deletion or other action as to personal data relating to the subject, HFW shall conduct an investigation within a reasonable time frame. If HFW acknowledges that there is an error in the personal data, or that there is a cause for requiring correction or other action, HFW shall correct or take the appropriate action regarding the personal data within a reasonable time frame, and shall notify the recipients of the relevant personal data thereof to the extent possible.

5. Rejection of the Use and Provision of Personal Data

In principle, when a data subject rejects the use or provision of data relating to the subject, HFW shall not use or provide any such personal data.

6. Holding Term of Personal Data

HFW shall hold personal data of members who resign from HFW for a period of approximately five (5) years after their resignation. However, any such personal data held by HFW during this period shall not become an object of the Use and Provision of Personal Data in Article 2 hereof. Upon expiration of this period, any such personal data shall be destroyed in an appropriate way.