The world made great progress through drastic advancements in science and technology, while it still has negative legacy such as poverty and war. It shows that realization of sustainable development of the planet is still difficult. In other words, this world is “hunger world”, hungry for sustainable development of the planet.

In order to satisfy this hunger, approach from all sides to accomplish human development, and to eradicate hunger and to obtain food security is indispensable considering the breadth, which these two issues contain.

This is the biggest challenge in human history and is worth challenging. Freeing the world from hunger requires unprecedented changes in political, economic, and social structures.

The key to these changes is each individual to be liberated from hunger both physically and spiritually. Because each individual form the backbones of political, economic and social structures and one’s state define the state of the world. Furthermore, it is possible to create synergy by each individual to create relationships based on mutual understanding and respect regardless of where one was borne or how one lives.

For that reason, what required now is to create an enabling environment where will and action of each individual and political, economic and social structures based on them themselves will promote freedom from hunger and the synergy will be maximized.

Ⅰ. Hunger Free World, as a non-governmental organization completely independent from any specific ideology, religion or political intent, has the vision of realizing a world free from hunger and has the mission to make an enable environment and to take action to create a world free from hunger.

Ⅱ. Hunger Free World aims to eradication of poverty and achieve food security in order to contribute sustainable development of the planet and the realization of world peace.

Ⅲ. Hunger Free World, as an international NGO which has headquarters in Japan, works in a spirit of harmony and embodies new form of leadership.

Ⅳ. Hunger Free World:

  1. is a civil society organization open to all the people regardless of sex or age, and carries on development work to liberate regions, countries, and the world facing poverty and food insecurity.
  2. acts in partnership with all organizations and individuals that are get involved creating a world free from hunger.
  3. is movements created from the basis of solidarity and strong partnership of the people who have strong commitment to create a world free from hunger.
  4. acknowledges importance of youths as the ones who play central roles in the future and encourage young people to take responsibility and act through Youth Ending Hunger that is the partner youth organization.

Ⅴ. Hunger Free World implements the following projects according to its vision and mission and in order to achieve its aims.

  1. Comprehensive development projects necessary for villages or areas in hunger/poverty to become Hunger Free Zone.
  2. Collaboration works in every level with all institutions, governments, organizations and individuals who are making efforts to create a world free from hunger.
  3. Educational projects necessary to rally will of individuals, which are the vital key for creating a world free from hunger, and to maximize synergy.
  4. Material and morale support and collaboration works with Youth Ending Hunger to work with them as partner.