Changing the system

Four areas of activities to foster the pleasure of eating

Changing the system–to change systems which cause hunger–

Food commodity price increases due to international food price increases and poor harvests due to global warming etc. deprive poor people of opportunities to access food. These “global issues” that human beings have created are ones of the causes of hunger.
HFW campaigns in cooperate with NGOs all over the world to international conferences and governmental organizations to form necessary policies and international rules to solve these issues.
HFW also raises public awareness through campaign activities and mass media and encourage governments to conduct new policies and change existing policies.
The feature of HFW is that we are an NGO conducting grassroots activities in the field. So, we play an important role to reflect voices of those who are marginal and suffering from hunger. 

Changing the system

Advocacy activities in each country


We make policy recommendations through a network, “Vision 2021 Forum” which Country Director Bangladesh took initiatives to establish and activities of “a network that appeals for promotion for safe agricultural products in Bangladesh (b-SAFE)” in which Country Director Bangladesh serves as Director-General.

Activities of Bangladesh


We appeal to administrative bodies and domestic relevant organizations through West Africa Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP) Benin in which Country Director Benin serves as the President, and advocate joint operation of development projects to local governments.

Activities of Benin

Burkina Faso

We raise public awareness about human rights and hunger through mass media such as radio and newspaper. Called for other NGOs in Burkina Faso, we organized a new network with them aimed at resolving hunger and poverty.

Activities of Burkina Faso


We proposed budget allocation on food security at the parish budget committee. We also support advocacy campaigning activities by local residents. For example, we gave chairmen of cooperatives a suggestion to conduct a project in line with the HFW “right to food” tool at sub-county councils.

Activities of Uganda


We practiced advocacy activities towards TICAD as a key member of “Japan Citizen’s network for TICAD (Afri-can)” and campaigned for raising public awareness through “Ugoku Ugokasu” which is a civil society movement calling for an end to poverty and inequality. We also carried out a set of seminars in cooperation with other NGOs in order to gain knowledge about international food issues from specialists.

Activities of Japan