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Many volunteers participate in activities of HFW in various parts of Japan. They work for Japanese people to understand more about global hunger and poverty issues.
In Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso and Uganda, HFW carry out community development together with the people such as improving nutritional conditions and access to education in order to free these areas from hunger.

Hunger Free World aims to create a world free of hunger by focusing on 4 areas of activities.

Development Projec

HFW supports local people’s initiatives to end hunger in their communities by facilitating comprehensive development projects in six project areas of intervention. The causes of hunger are specific to each locality. It may be a lack of income-generating opportunities or an absence of health services. Since these local realities are best understood by local residents themselves it is imperative to emphasize their participation.

Youth Development

About half of the entire world population is comprised of young people under 25 years of age. Young people are the backbone of the future. HFW supports Youth Ending Hunger (YEH) in five different countries in its efforts to fight hunger and poverty. In Japan, students from middle school all the way up to university are actively working toward this same goal in seven locations across the country.

Awareness Raising

HFW encourages people living in hunger to raise their voices and realize changes in their lives. In Japan, HFW organizes programs to inform people about linkages between our everyday life and the world’s hunger, and calls on them to take action.


Unfair distribution of food, global warming... these structural problems that are deeply rooted in society and hinder progress to end hunger must be challenged. The Millennium Development Goals must be achieved. HFW continues to join forces with national and international networks to make these issues a priority for both citizens and politicians.