15 Oct. 2017 Uganda

Improvement of nutritional condition for babies and mothers project – now reached 100%


Learning cooking methods which make foods digested and absorbed easily.

Improvement of nutritional condition for babies and mothers project started in Tumbaali-Lwemwedde parish in FY 2013, and ended this year (June) by 74 participants exceeding the average weight except 1 who died of disease. Following that, we started the same project in Kabumba parish (July), and we taught mothers from 20 households knowledge of nutrition and how to cultivate crops rich in nutrition. We also provided them with seedlings and goats. At the same time we organized workshops for mothers and fathers teaching them knowledge of nutrition and cooking methods suited to babies. By doing so we aimed that knowledge to be well established. As we asked for fathers, who control household budget, to participate and promoted understanding, what we have taught at workshops was practiced in 100% of participants’ households. A percentage of children whose weight is less than average has decreased to 25% from 67.9% at start-up (Feb).


Message from Uganda

When my child was hospitalized because of underdevelopment, I learnt at the hospital the importance of balanced meals. I joined the health team set up by voluntary members of my village and tried to teach people the importance of balanced meals I learnt but not many people got interested. But cooking workshops organized by HFW included cooking demonstration and that we can actually eat, many people got interested and participated. HFW also taught knowledge of nutrition, so it was a big help for my team and myself as well. (Ms. Narule Esther Tumbaali-Lwemwedde parish)


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