14 Oct. 2016 Uganda

Students performed a skit and dance showing rights of children and women to the local residents.

The event was video recorded and DVDs were distributed to neighboring schools so that many people can learn.

At a school in Luguzi parish where HFW is supporting, students performed music, dance and an awareness raising play to learn the importance of keeping the rights of children and women. We planned this students’ show to teach community members the rights of children and women first as it is familiar to them in order for community members to understand “the rights of food” that are crucial to ending the hunger.

About 80 people including parents, board members of cooperative, female council members, and newspaper journalists attended this show amazed by students’ performance and learnt the rights of children and women in depth. Also at the same school, “the rights of food, women and children club” is set up, and members are starting activities to promote understanding of “the rights of food”.

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