22 Aug. 2013 Uganda

Pig Farming for the Youth: Higher income brings hope for further education.


A mother pig and her children. This project supports YEH members' life and hope.

Pig Farming for the Youth (YEH)

HFW’s youth organization, Youth Ending Hunger (YEH), provided community members with newborn piglets. The pig farming project of YEH in Uganda is now making progress. Unemployment rate among the youth in this country is high and many of them doubt if they will ever make money. However, the success of YEH’s pig farming project brings hope to members, and the youth in Uganda want to give it a try to make enough money for further education.

The pig farming program was launched in 2008 on the suggestion of one of the member. With $2000 funded by YEH Japan, members in Kabumba district purchased two male and seven female piglets and set up a pig farm. Professionally-trained members took turns taking care of the pigs and the farm has produced 57 pigs so far. Not only for selling to markets, Pigs are also for other members of community. One of the member, 19-year old Lydia managed to breed as many as 15 pigs within just a year of 2011. The success gave her the hope to spend the money she made from the farming on school and eventually to become a veterinarian. (YOSHIDA Chiyoko, program coordinator for Uganda)

YEH menbers and piglets.

The pig farm in Kabunba.

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