3 Mar. 2009 Uganda

The organic fruit growing for women started. It will be a big help for the families without a male breadwinner.


A participant eagerly watching the demonstration of grafting at the seminar

Organic fruit trees growing for women (WEH)

There are many women-headed household in Uganda due to deaths of their husbands or fathers by HIV/AIDS. The project of organic fruit growing was offered to 20 households each of Luguzi parish and Nakkedde parish where HFW is active to help them make living.

First, HFW organized organic fruit growing in August and September for these women and then 50 seedlings of orange, mango and avocado combined were delivered to each household. These women planted these young trees in their gardens by their own hands. One of the women said delightedly and confidently after planting, "I was surprised to learn that all the necessary things for a fruit growing can be obtained locally. And what I really needed was the knowledge of when, what and how to use them."

It will be three years before the trees fruit. Until then Uganda office staff will regularly check on growth of the trees and give them advice on the farming. Once the trees start bearing enough fruits, it is expected that their cash income increase by approximately $2,300 per year for each household, and it will be a big help for the families without a male breadwinner.

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