18 Dec. 2017 Bangladesh

Completed baseline survey which will be guidelines of projects. Revealed the living situation of villagers with numbers.


A YEH member interviewing carefully (Left in the photo)

One third of households eat rice three times a day in Boda, etc...

Since the mid-term goals from 2016 were clarified, all the HFW overseas offices are in the process of focus on activities directly linked to realize “Right to Food”. As it has been ten years since the last survey, we conducted a new baseline survey from April, 2017 to capture the current situation of the life of villagers in each Hunger Free Zones.
In Bangladesh, the survey has been conducted until June 2017 in two upzilas of HFW's working area targeted to the 120 households in Boda and 102 in Kaliganji, based on the poor household list maintained by local governments. We carried out a questionaire survey to both of heads of family and women who do house works about family budget, everyday meals, physical condition, etc... And it took about three hours in each family.

Other than six HFW Bangladesh staffs appointed, thirteen trained YEH members conducted the survey. In order to mobilize the youth to commit to the realization of Right to Food, this experience brought an opportunity for them to deepen the understanding of hunger and to strengthen their resolution toward ending hunger.
Summary reported at present

  • Many women complain chronic physical issues such as feeling fatigue and dizzy.
  • Many families take a loan from relatives since their medical expense suppresses family finance which cause deficit.
  • Households ensuring staple three times a day. One third in Boda, Half in Kaligonji.
  • Consume less than two kinds of vegetables in a day. All households.
  • Mothers who lost their baby before one year old. 20% in Boda, 25% in Kaligonji.
  • Proportion of women who cannot decide what food to buy. 30% in both HFZ

We plan to analyze further detail, and swiftly consider how we design and implement projects including evaluation of the projects which we carried out to date, how we set beneficiaries and goals, and how much we spend budget and manpower, etc...

HFW staff discussing on the results of the survey

Message from Bangladesh

I participated in the survey after completed the HFW's training on how to conduct questionnaire survey. I was shocked by knowing the issues in my village for the first time. In order to solve these issues, I would like to actively commit to the activities in Hunger Free Zones.

Shika Katun, participated YEH member from Aruashoura


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