12 Mar. 2020 Bangladesh

YEH communicated food problems at schools to deepen understanding of students


YEH using illustration to explain clearly and concisely

From August 28 to September 22, 2019, 50 people from YEH and 4 people from HFW conducted the awareness-raising activity on nutrition and food loss at 10 schools in kalijanj county and Boda county in Bangladesh. A total of 1,009 students aged 12 to 14 attended. The reason why this activity is intended for students is as follows: By acquiring the knowledge and habit about nutrition and food loss from a young age, they can continue what they learned into the future; by talking about what they learned at school to their parents, the parents' conduct may hopefully change. 50 people of YEH, divided into 10 groups with 5 people each, went to the schools and used slides to introduce the following four themes clearly and concisely.
1) Learn about nutrition and recognize the importance.
2) Acquire the knowledge about vitamin and eating habit.
3) Be careful about sanitation both at home and school.
4) Try not to cause food loss.

At the end of the class, we distributed campaign evaluation forms to students and asked them to write their feedback so as to make sure that they fully understood what they learned.

The comments include: some students learned the importance of having correct knowledge about nutrition, and others realized the actual situation of food loss generated from our daily diet or in the process of distribution. At some schools, the principal and teachers who came to see the class listened to the presentations to the end.

From now on, in order to strengthen cooperation with schools and to spread this activity to other regions, we plan to work on the issues.

Students listening attentively in class

Fill out the campaign evaluation form

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