23 May. 2016 Bangladesh

The legislation on Right to Food was discussed at the mock Parliament. 260 youth people including YEH were invited.


Twenty-five people from YEH participated as councilors or volunteer administrators.

Awareness raising for youths (YEH)

The mock Parliament was subsidized by other NGOs and held under the theme of the legislation on Right to Food. From across the country, 260 youth people including YEH were invited.

People were assigned for the regional representatives and Chairman, Prime Minister, Minister of Food from approximately 70 participants and deliberated bills from each position.

The bill passed after they reached the conclusion that the legislation on Right to Food can oblige the government to achieve through. The youths were provided an opportunity to learn Right to Food. Also, approximately 60 people including journalists, scholars, Youth and Sports Ministry, and National Assembly Deputy Speaker of Bangladesh, observed the mock Parliament, and made an appeal to people who are influential to actual public opinion and politics.

Women accounted for 40% in the Parliament. They actively expressed their opinions.

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