1 Feb. 2006 Bangladesh

Construction begun on an agricultural training center to teach environmentally responsible farming techniques


On-farm training to make compost

Center for Organic Farming for sustainable agriculture

A project to create an agricultural training center was begun in Boda county, Panchqgar district, one of the most impoverished areas in Bangladesh. Construction began in September. The aim of the center is to provide impoverished people with a sustainable lifestyle by teaching them environmentally responsible farming methods. Farming that relies on agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers and the haphazard burning of fields can create short term increases in crop yield but in the long run will lead to shrinking harvests.

In 2005, 60 farmers were targeted to receive one-two week training courses. Starting next year this number will be increased to 200 farmers per year. Japanese organic farming specialists are going to participate in this program.

Main contents of the agricultural training course.
Organic farming (cultivation of traditionally grown rice, beans, potatoes, vegetables, etc.) /planting of fruit and trees and medicinal plants/ beekeeping/ kenaf (deccan hemp) cultivation/raising fish, ducks and cattle/ compost making/ production and use of biogas*1

These individual programs are made more effective by being used together.
*1 Biogas: A burnable gas made by fermenting livestock feces and other organic waste materials.

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