14 Oct. 2016 Burkina Faso

Organized a new network NGO for a sustainable development in Burkina Faso, calling for others to participate

Meeting for the RADD/BF’s establishment

Advocacy activities

In 2013, we were searching for NGOs on the field that was trying to solve the hunger/poverty issue. However, it becomes clear for HFW that there weren’t NGOs that could develop efficient activities. That’s when HFW decided to take the lead and called 12 other NGOs to join together to form the “Actors Network for a sustainable development in Burkina Faso (RADD/BF)”.

Each NGO chose a representative and adopted the Foundation Agreement created by the branch office executive director in July. Because of the situation of each NGO, the signature was postponed and the network started formally in 2015, but while utilizing the strong point of each NGO, we are planning to do various activities in different domains such as the right to food, education, hygiene, etc.

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