12 Mar. 2020 Burkina Faso

Discussion with the key persons who influence on budget policy for getting on base for viable policy enforcement.


Active discussion based on the experts' budget analysis and evaluation

The meeting was held for HFW affiliates regarding how to prepare the budgets for the nation's "right to food" at the hotel in the capital Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso for two days on July 25 and 26.

HFW invited 20 key persons who influence on budget policy with the knowledge of food policy, including; finance officers from Ministries of Agriculture, Public Health, Livestock, Finance, and Environment, Committee on General and Institutional Affairs and Human Rights, Finance Committee and Budget (COMFIB) of the National Assembly, Secrétariat Executive of the National Council for food security, National Consultative Council on Nutrition, Parliamentary Network for Food Security and Nutrition, Peasant Confederation of Burkina Faso, other NGOs, and Club of Journalists for food security and nutrition.

HFW has been working on constitutional-approval for "the right to food" in Burkina Faso. This meeting expects the budget preparation for viable policy enforcement and is a part of the activity that expects " the right to food" to be integrated into the constitutional reform.

The following is the four aims of this meeting;

  1. Understanding the trends of budgets for food security in Burkina Faso for the last ten years
  2. Evaluating food initiatives in every state
  3. Suggesting the improvement measures for projects and budgets in accord with the new constitution
  4. Recommending the roadmap for short, mid, and long term projects for the nation

First, the three experts gave the presentations; 'Rights, roles and responsibilities of practitioners for the implementation of "the right to food" in Burkina Faso', 'Budgets for reinforcement of "the right to food"', 'Law to implement "the right to food" in Burkina Faso'. Burkina Faso participates the international treaty to eliminate hunger and poverty, and is increasing the budgets for food and agriculture. As a result, the poverty ratio is decreasing, but that is not enough. Although the states' agricultural expenses are also growing from 11 to 15 per cent (2005 - 2015), the participants shared the awareness of the need of fundraising more than 60 per cent and carried out the active discussion.

In the end, we discussed the future road map. Some recommendations include the law development for food security, and a further increase in budgets to promote national policy for food security and nutrition. Some confirmations were made, such as capacity building for trainers, making positive progress, and slashing the administration fees.

The specific roadmap which has been created for this time will lead all activities in future.

YEH members participated as observers and learned about current budgets, ways to improve the situations, and the focus points.

Message from Burkina Faso

HFW has been proactive and their projects are wonderful, achieving the results in the development of the rural area, and initiated activities to prepare the budgets for viable policy enforcement as a next step. This workshop will be crucially important, and the projects working with various people will create synergy effects, and achieve great results.

Couldiaty Didier (Representative for SNV Netherlands Development Organisation)

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