27 Feb. 2019 Burkina Faso

Following our proposal to the Ministry of Agriculture, we realized holding workshop for better harvest.


Compost is made from straw, ash and cattle feces. The participants brought these materials

On December 18th in 2018, we organized the agricultural training workshops at the 4 villages where we are active. This workshop was for people who proved to be particularly vulnerable in HFW’s baseline survey*. 52 families in total attended the workshops this day. Following our request, the experts from the Ministry of Agriculture came to give guidance on how to make organic compost that enriches the soil. Till then, each family relied upon chemical fertilizers or household garbage, which brought some negative influences such as high cost and insufficient effects on productivity and quality of the crops. Although the organic compost is used in Burkina Faso, the national or local authorities haven’t actively given guidance for farmers. So HFW proposed training to the local branch of the Ministry, and this workshop was held. While the Ministry doesn’t have enough instructors, we expect that they would conduct training in other regions in the future if HFW’s training would make success.

There were 3 parts of workshop, and on this day we prepared the required materials and mixed them. We use straw, ash and cattle feces as the materials of compost, which the participants could bring from their home. This method has several benefits, easy to get the materials without cost, harmless for environment and human body, and effective for growing vegetables besides cereals. “This is a very good method, as we can make compost without any professional equipment.” “I’m very grateful to learn how to make fertilizer everyone in my family can make easily.” The participants were having favorably feeling about this workshop.

The second workshop was held on January 8th. We turned over the mixture to accelerate the ferment. We will mix it again at the third workshop, then the compost will be ready for use in about 3 months.

*Done in our project site in 2017.

Put leaves on the mixture of cattle feces and ash, then cover with straw

Lay the mixture of cattle feces and ash on the straw, and pour water evenly

Cover with straw again, then with a black sheet for better heat retention. Turn over twice or so and the compost will be ready in 3 months

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