15 Oct. 2013 Burkina Faso

Local residents take care of the wells by themselves. It will reduce work of women and children.


The new wells allow the residents to draw water much more easily. – the pump is much lighter now.

Construction of a deep well

The area of Burkina Faso in which HFW works is very dry, and there are not enough wells. HFW has been installing new wells and fixing broken ones to provide safe drinking water for the locals. In the fiscal year 2011, HFW repaired wells in four villages. In each village, the villagers had to queue for a long time every day to get water. Now, with an increased number of wells, the waiting time is a lot shorter. The mothers and children responsible for drawing water can now use more of their time for housework and study.

The well in Pissi village, fixed in June, is located in an elementary school for which HFW provides school meals. Previously, the pupils had to go to a well one kilometre away from the school. The children have to go to the well many times every day in order to prepare school meals for more than 300 pupils.

Villagers chosen by their community take care of their well. They also collect a reserve fund from other members of the village, which is put aside for future reparations.

Children are also eagerly watching construction process.

A wall around a well enables locals to use the well neat.

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