1 Apr. 2010 Burkina Faso

A microcredit program for women has been started aiming to increase their income and improve their lives.


Members of the cooperative starting a business with a microcredit loan

Support to a cooperative

In April, HFW started a microcredit program for the women's cooperative of Wedbila village in Koubri county.

Microcredit is a system in which a small amount of money is loaned with little or no interest to poor people who would have difficulty borrowing money from a bank. People can start up a business with the loan in order to increase their income.

First, the 50 members of the women's cooperative of Wedbila village are split into groups of five to seven people. Then, each group comes up with a business plan. HFW helps each group set up an account at the Koubri county credit union, and loans 250,000 CFA (roughly ¥62,000) to each group. They repay 10% of the loan to HFW every three months.

These groups came up with a variety of ideas, and are carrying out many types of business. One example is the processing and marketing of a spice called sumbara, an essential ingredient for Burkina Faso cooking, which is made by fermenting Nere fruit. They also grow and sell rice, onions, and other food items. Their plans are usually closely connected to their daily life. Thanks to this program, these women will continue to manage their businesses using their own ingenuity, aiming to increase their income and improve their lives. HFW is always there to give them advice when they need it.

Marketing rice, onions and other food items

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