5 Jul. 2017 Burkina Faso

Eco-friendly energy stoves are expected to relieve women form burden work, and protect environment.

To build from natural materials such as small stones and grain stalks

Eco-friendly energy saving stoves.

Since most of the households in the activity area use thermally-inefficient stoves, there is a need for a lot of firewood. Women are spending a lot of time gathering firewood. They are cutting trees and as a result they are worsening the deforestation. That's why we need to install improved stoves with more thermal efficiency.

HFW suggested to use improved energy stoves. The improved stoves are having their roots in Iwate prefecture in Japan. Those have been spread by JICA since 1990, and now many people are using the improved stoves. The improved energy stove can reduce amount of fire woods. Those are made by natural resource, like small stones, stem of grains, cow dung, etc..., and not need to purchase. By using new improved stoves, we can  reduce not only amount of fire woods but also amount of women's dairy work. We can keep forest at good condition.

HFW invited the chief of Forest division of  Gomutoaga village to the workshop in April. We taught local people what was the merit of using new stove and how to make it. Around 40 women joined this workshop, and they had wonderful motivation to spread idea of new stove. After this workshop, they brought back their know-how of new stove to their village and they told wonderfulness of new stove to people who could not join that workshop living in their own village. We will keep to observe how their life would be changed better.

Deciding the size of a tripod according to the size of pots.

Normal stoves which require much firewood. Heat escapes from between the stones, and they diffuse much smoke too.

Message from Burukina Faso

I have 12 family members, and we are using a lot of fire woods everyday. We had cut a lot of woods even though we knew that cutting many trees was not good thing to do.  We felt we should not do that, but we did not know the way we did not need to use trees. When we heard workshop about improvement of stoves would be held, we thought we definitely should attend it. We think using new stoves is the most useful way to stop destroying forest. We want to share these ideas with women living in other villages.


Veronique Compareo (34 years old, Pishi Village)

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