22 May. 2021 Benin

Agricultural fair for a sustainable solution to malnutrition promoted nutritious local produce.


Participants walking from booth to booth to see locally produced beans and nuts exhibited there.

Hunger Free World (HFW) is actively promoting the production of nutritious agricultural products that have been locally produced traditionally to improve the region’s nutritional condition. That is because by introducing the local consumption of locally produced products, rather than consuming food coming from outside the region, we can stimulate the economy and improve economic sustainability.

On September 23 and 24, we held an agricultural fair on Dodji-Bata in Zé County. The purpose of the fair was to encourage farmers and the administrative authorities in the whole county and the surrounding regions to produce nutritious crops. In these two days, more than 500 people participated in the fair. They included the families taking part in the HFW program of improvement of nutritional condition, Local Service Provider (LSP) who promote HFW's programs in villages, representatives of the villages and the counties, and media reporters.

HFW has been giving guidance to 169 farmers so far as to how to cultivate and store nutritious local produce and has monitored regularly to see if they can put what they learned into practice. We held this agricultural fair to exhibit and introduce the results of the activities to allow the farmers who participated in the event and the administrative officials both from Zé County and surrounding regions to understand the significance and possibilities in the activity and increase the production and consumption of nutritious local produce.

The head of Dodji-Bata region who participated in the agricultural fair hoped to promote the HFW initiative further. He said, “I wish the production of nutritious local crops would be enhanced in the HFW activity area and the whole area of Zé County.” The representatives from other villages and counties also showed interest in the initiative.

HFW will continuously encourage farmers to produce nutritious local crops in the future. At the same time, we also conduct cooking demonstrations for mothers raising children as a part of our program to improve the nutritional condition. Through the demonstration, we aim to encourage them to include nutritious local produce in their daily meals and improve their eating habits and nutritional balance.

Booth introducing local fish, Tilapia.

Booth showing amaranth leaves that have been locally produced since ancient time. Amaranthus has been attracting attention as it is remarkably high in nutritional value.

Message from Benin

I’m glad the event was successful. We introduced the benefits of producing, and eating nutritious local crops to the participants. It was good. Since we started producing three kinds of crops supported by HFW, the diet of my family has noticeably changed. My children and grandchildren have become healthy. The agricultural fair gave me a chance to appreciate the activities of HFW and to communicate the benefits to people in larger area.

SONON Justin (A farmer participating in the HFW program in Akouèdjromèdé village)

It was the first time for me to participate in the agricultural fair introducing nutritious local produce. Through the event, I was able to see the whole picture of the crops we are producing in the HFW activity area. I was happy as I saw various crops exhibited in the booths. I realized it is important to produce and consume nutritious local crops and to plant fruit trees in the garden so as to allow children to get balanced nutrition. In addition, I appreciated they took the preventive measures against COVID-19 throughout the event.

LISSANON Celestine (A member of the cooperative in Gbeto)

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