Latest News

31 Jul. 2018【Activities】
YEH has launched a model farm as a first step to realize “the Right to Food” by gaining self-reliance as a farmer.
27 Jul. 2018【Activities】
Increase income of local people by improving productivity and adding value to maize and beans.
31 May. 2018【Activities】
Local residents have started to learn nutrition improvement program spontaneously.
18 Dec. 2017【Activities】
Completed baseline survey which will be guidelines of projects. Revealed the living situation of villagers with numbers.
15 Nov. 2017【Activities】
The recommendations have been delivered to the Ministry of Zé County, with the project facilitator.
15 Nov. 2017【Activities】
YEH National Committee Uganda has organized sports event. We introduced YEH’s activities to local youths.
30 Oct. 2017【Activities】
New learning materials for literacy education in Fon language to be published periodically.
20 Oct. 2017【Activities】
HFW participated in “World Food Day” Month in 2017 Kickoff Symposium as a speaker.
15 Oct. 2017【Activities】
HFW organized a national conference calling on 15 NGOs/associations. Discussed about YEH actions.
15 Oct. 2017【Activities】
We make inhabitants of 4 villages discuss about the right for food. It was the big first step for them.
15 Oct. 2017【Activities】
Continuous support was delivered to girls’ education. It was the successful approach.
15 Oct. 2017【Activities】
Improvement of nutritional condition for babies and mothers project – now reached 100%
15 Sep. 2017【Activities】
Some new ingredients were introduced to the nutritional improvement project by Morinaga,
15 Sep. 2017【Activities】
Children performed the skit themed on Right showing to their neighborhood around their school.
18 Jul. 2017【Activities】
The county certified HFW as a partner of the national nutrition improvement program.
5 Jul. 2017【Activities】
Eco-friendly energy stoves are expected to relieve women form burden work, and protect environment.
1 Jun. 2017【Activities】
Delivered speech at Symposium to Launch Human Development Report in 2016.
12 Jan. 2017【Activities】
YEH commenced vegetable farming to facilitate the understanding of Right to Food.
12 Jan. 2017【Activities】
We carried out a training on Right to Food to deliver the issues to the local people
14 Oct. 2016【Activities】
Students performed a skit and dance showing rights of children and women to the local residents.