Latest News

17 Jul. 2021【Activities】
Training enabled the residents to manage the school lunch program in four villages independently.
22 May. 2021【Activities】
Agricultural fair for a sustainable solution to malnutrition promoted nutritious local produce.
26 Apr. 2021【Activities】
Cooperatives and YEH learned agricultural management. They will lead the communities’ income levels to rise.
30 Mar. 2021【Activities】
People at risk of life was reconnected to “eating”. Also, HFW started to connect its targeted women to public support.
14 Nov. 2020【Information】
Financial Report 2019 is available now.
12 Mar. 2020【Activities】
Motorbike taxies spreading important knowledge of nutrition and healthy food environment for adolescent girls.
12 Mar. 2020【Activities】
YEH communicated food problems at schools to deepen understanding of students
12 Mar. 2020【Activities】
Discussion with the key persons who influence on budget policy for getting on base for viable policy enforcement.
12 Mar. 2020【Activities】
“WORLD FOOD NIGHT 2019”: an opportunity to find hints for actions leading to the end of hunger
12 Mar. 2020【Activities】
At the TICAD Side Event, overseas members presented their local activities to the Japanese people.
12 Mar. 2020【Activities】
Speech class and mock parliament debate was held for YEH. They built skills and advocated Diet members.
12 Mar. 2020【Activities】
Team HFW won the 1st prize the cooking competition in Boda Upzila. Regional government admitted the acts to develop nutrition
12 Mar. 2020【Activities】
Community residents and county staffs visited local government, a model for land management to get the know-how.
11 Mar. 2020【Activities】
YEH carried out enlightenment events in two six-year secondary schools to deepen the students’ understanding of “Right to Food”
11 Mar. 2020【Activities】
CREN transferred to the government; approaching the goal of self-reliance.
11 Mar. 2020【Activities】
The residents requested for the Zè County Office to establish a land control organization and it was realized.
27 Feb. 2019【Activities】
Following our proposal to the Ministry of Agriculture, we realized holding workshop for better harvest.
28 Jan. 2019【Activities】
A nutritionist introduced Hunger Free World workshop for elementary school students
11 Jan. 2019【Activities】
The demand for properly functioning food storage is finally fulfilled.
18 Dec. 2018【Activities】
Dances and skits in the awareness-raising event deepened people’s understanding